Rewilding Britain

The documentary has the working title, “Rewilding Britain”, which will be screened online and at festivals.

​​The aim of the documentary is to raise awareness regarding the extent to which Britain lacks wild spaces; address common rewilding misconceptions and demonstrate how individuals and communities can generate and get involved in local rewilding projects with minimal effort or expense. 

This film will explore what rewilding is as well as address the arguments for and against rewilding presenting a balanced perspective on the topic. 

The investigation will consider a range of past and present projects of differing sizes, engaging public opinion, as well as content informed by rewilding experts, scientists, ecologists, and wildlife biologists to ascertain why some projects have failed and what makes a rewilding project sustainable.

An additional aim is to create a movement within rewilding much like the documentary film ‘racing extinctions’ #StartWith1Thing.

Rewilding Britain

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