I Interviewed Jane Goodall for Wolves Unmasked!

Well its certainly been exciting for Lupine Media! Jane Goodall has always been one of my cherished idols. She has dedicated her whole life to advocating for animals, science and research and educating others. Dr. Jane Goodall is best known for her wild chimpanzee studies which was extensive! wow she

‘Hoyle Haven – A Rewilding Tale’ New Film Release!

Hoyle Haven – A rewilding tale. The documentary demonstrates how a local community rewilded a public space. It features the village of Stoke Gabriel’s efforts to rewild a local woodland containing a limestone quarry, kilns, a copse, and wildflower meadow that was bequeathed by a local resident in their will

Sea Turtle Facts & how to save them

#seaturtles #marineturtles #howtosaveseturtles #seaturtlefacts Get your sea turtle tracking bracelet here: https://www.wildlifecollections.com/p… and use this code ANIMAL25 for a discount. Scientists recognise seven species of Sea turtle: Hawksbill Loggerhead, Leatherback, Olive ridley, Green, Flatback and the Kemp’s ridley. Turtles seem slow on land like their tortoise cousins but in the

Rewilding Fail – Tragedy in the Netherlands – Oostvaardersplassen

Rewilding is a fast growing movement and globally boasts many successes. It creates wilder, more biodiverse habitats by enabling natural processes to shape land and sea. It repair’s damaged ecosystems and restores degraded landscapes.  But what about when it goes wrong?  The unique nature reserve Oostvaardersplassen, which I will refer

Rewilding Britain 👉🏻 Is the lynx a more realistic candidate for reintroduction than the wolf?

#rewildingbritain #eurasianlynx #rewildingbritainlynx #lynxorwolf #lynxreintroduction #rewildbritain #carnivorereintroduction #scotlandlynx #historyoftheeurasianlynx The Eurasian lynx territory spans right across Europe and into Asia. Any talk of reintroducing predators in the UK usually ends up in a ping pong of accelerated emotions. There’s a lot of cultural baggage that makes the conversation a very

UK Return of the White Tailed Eagle

#whitetailedeagle #whitetailedeaglereintroductions #whitetailedeagleuk #whitetaileeaglebritain #whitetailedealenorfolk #whitetailedeaglewildkenhill Eagles were persecuted to extinction in England by the early 19th Century. The white tailed eagle has already been reintroduced to Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Wight by the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation and has ranged as far as Norfolk. Wild ken hill

Idaho’s Wolf Slaughter! HELP ME

#savethewolves #wolves #idahowolfslaughter #stopthehunt SIGN THE PETITION: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/r… As part of its rollback of environmental regulations, the Trump administration removed the grey wolf from the endangered species list in 2020. New legislation signed just days ago by Governor Brad little means that professional hunters are now able to slaughter 90%

The Lost Species Of Britain

Britain was once home to an array of exotic animals but unfortunately, these species are no longer with us. From great whales and oversized rats to mammoths and bears. `There is an estimated 500 British species which have become extinct in the past few thousand years. Extinctions in Britain have

Help me with my research for new film rewilding britain!

Link to questionnaire: https://surveyhero.com/c/ca3ca124 Hey Guys, So this is a really quick video. I’m actually asking for a big favour! won’t take too long, just a couple of minutes. In the description, you’ll find a link, which will link you to a very short questionnaire about rewilding. So I’ve started

Hopes to Rewild Tree Frogs to the UK

#commontreefrog​ #hopestorewildthecommontreefrogtotheuk​ #derekgow​ #derekgowtreefrog​ #rewildingbritain​ #reintroducetreefrog​ #europeantreefrog​ Rewilding Britain – hopes to rewild the common tree frog In nature-depleted Britain, we’ve lost a wide array of native species. Carefully considered reintroduction of those now missing can play a key role in rewilding and help nature heal itself. Frogs go through


#wolvesunmasked #rewildingbritain #rewilding #truewolfcharacter #wolf #wolves #savethewolf  Wolves Unmasked is a documentary film about the current state of rewilding in Britain and my journey of discovery unmasking the true nature of the wolf that lies behind the history, mythologies, stories, lies and villianization of wolves and the critical role they

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