I Interviewed Jane Goodall for Wolves Unmasked!

Well its certainly been exciting for Lupine Media! Jane Goodall has always been one of my cherished idols. She has dedicated her whole life to advocating for animals, science and research and educating others. Dr. Jane Goodall is best known for her wild chimpanzee studies which was extensive! wow she

Commercial Rewilding in the UK?

#rewildingbritain #commercialrewilding #howtomakebritaingreenagain Rewilding Britain – Commercial Rewilding in the UK? Rewilding could be the key to improving biodiversity in the UK – and businesses can get involved. Consider the patches of barren land around pylons or beside motorways. littered Wasteland with cigarette stubs around substations or abandoned factories. Many

Rewilding Britian – Transformation at Knepp Estate

#rewildingbritain #knepprewilding #kneppestate #farmtransformation #farmingtorewilding #animalstakecharge #farmtransformationatkneppestate Rewilding Britain – Knepp Estate – Animals taking charge A 3,500-acre estate in West Sussex in the south of England, with its scrubland, tangled thickets and rugged pastures was once orderly arable fields. The estate, belonged to the Burrell family for over 200

THANK YOU REWILDING BRITAIN! – Information from REWILDING BRITAIN. http://www.rewildingbritain.org.uk Rewilding Britain – Reintroductions Britain has lost many keystone species. These species have a role as ecosystem engineers and are essential to a natural environment. Top predators, such as the lynx and wolf, drive ecological processes from the top of

Nearly 400 Pilot Whales have Died in a Mass Stranding in Australia

#pilotwhales #pilotwhalesmassstranding #pilotwhalesbeaching #animalradar #animaleducate Pilot Whales Mass Stranding in Australia. About 380 whales have already died in Australia’s worst stranding on record. Tasmania’s government said 88 of the animals had been rescued so far and have been released into deep water. Some of the whales have to be euthanised,

Metaldehyde Pesticide to be Banned by Spring 2022

In case you missed Attenborough’s warning..

David Attenborough’s warning about the climate crisis. The average size of wildlife populations has plummeted more than two-thirds in less than 50 years because of deforestation and rampant overconsumption. Human activity has severely degraded three-quarters of all land and 40 percent of the Earth’s oceans, an accelerating destruction of nature

Acupuncture for Dogs? Does it Really Work?

#canineacupuncture #dogacupuncture #alternativetreatmentsfordogs #hipdysplasia #amityvets #painmanagmentfordogs Canine/dog acupuncture CHECK OUT AMITY VETS! They are amazing. Dr. Lennon Foo is so attentive and does his absolute best to make you and your animal friend feel welcome and comfortable. https://amityvets.co.uk/ Call 01626 247 888 Acupuncture has become one of the leading alternative

Rewilding is Better than Tree Planting

Britain is one of Europe’s least wooded countries. Rewilding Britain says the UK government’s draft England Tree Strategy, is inadequate for tackling the climate and nature crises. The government’s draft strategy for reforestation in England at best would raise English woodland cover from 10 percent today to just 12 percent

The Shoebill Stork – Dinosaur Bird! AMAZING!

Deep in the remote, dense swamps of Africa lives an unusual bird with a shoe for a face. The Shoebill stork looks more like something out of a fantasy novel. this rare bird might very well have walked out of the dinosaur era, just as it is. When kept in

Rewilding Success With The Golden Eagle In Scotland

#goldeneagle #goldeneagleuk #goldeneaglescotland #goldeneaglerewilding #goldenealgereintroduction A pair of golden eagles have successfully bred in the Scottish Highlands for the first time in 40 years Golden eagles are widespread throughout Eurasia and North America. They are found at low density in remote areas of the Scottish Highlands and most of the

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