I Interviewed Jane Goodall for Wolves Unmasked!

Well its certainly been exciting for Lupine Media! Jane Goodall has always been one of my cherished idols. She has dedicated her whole life to advocating for animals, science and research and educating others. Dr. Jane Goodall is best known for her wild chimpanzee studies which was extensive! wow she

Help me with my research for new film rewilding britain!

Link to questionnaire: https://surveyhero.com/c/ca3ca124 Hey Guys, So this is a really quick video. I’m actually asking for a big favour! won’t take too long, just a couple of minutes. In the description, you’ll find a link, which will link you to a very short questionnaire about rewilding. So I’ve started

Hopes to Rewild Tree Frogs to the UK

#commontreefrog​ #hopestorewildthecommontreefrogtotheuk​ #derekgow​ #derekgowtreefrog​ #rewildingbritain​ #reintroducetreefrog​ #europeantreefrog​ Rewilding Britain – hopes to rewild the common tree frog In nature-depleted Britain, we’ve lost a wide array of native species. Carefully considered reintroduction of those now missing can play a key role in rewilding and help nature heal itself. Frogs go through


#wolvesunmasked #rewildingbritain #rewilding #truewolfcharacter #wolf #wolves #savethewolf  Wolves Unmasked is a documentary film about the current state of rewilding in Britain and my journey of discovery unmasking the true nature of the wolf that lies behind the history, mythologies, stories, lies and villianization of wolves and the critical role they

Wolves Unmasked Release

Hey Guys, due to some technical difficulties I won’t be able to release ‘Wolves Unmasked’ this evening. I’m working on the issue and am hoping it will be resolved by tomorrow. I’ll keep you all posted! Thanks so much for your support.

Wolves Unmasked Premiere

When I decided to make a film about wolves I had no idea it would turn into a feature length. In fact, I didn’t know what it would be about or how it would help wolves! I just knew I wanted to do everything in my power to help them.

WildFree Clothing

“Ethical clothing inspired by animals and nature” WildFree Clothing for Animal Lovers! WildFree is powered by ethical suppliers Teemill and shipped directly from their renewable energy powered factory. The clothing is vegan-friendly and made using natural materials. It’s also posted to you in plastic-free packaging. UK shipping takes 1-2 working days.International shipping

Why We Should Save The Sea – Seawilding and UK Marine Life

#threatstotheocean #whywesholdsavethesea #searewilding #ukmarinelife #wearekillingthesea #whatwecandotosavethesea #savetheocean #rewildingbritain #marine Why we should save the sea! seawilding and UK marine life. The ocean constitutes over 90% of the habitable space on the planet. The seabed can be abundant with life and It’s this life that gives the seabed structure, which provides

The Benefits of Rewilding

Rewilding Benefits – Rewilding Britain Story source: The Ecologist https://theecologist.org/2020/nov/04/… #rewildingbritain #rewildingbenefits #rewilding #benefitsofrewilding #kneppestate # The devastation of war changed our perspectives and fallow land became viewed as wasted land, and by the late 1960s, large, specialized farms obliterated grasses, wildflowers and trees from the landscape. So now, the

Gray Wolf Loses Federal Protection

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service finalized a rule removing protections for all gray wolves in the lower-48 states except for a small population of Mexican wolves in Arizona and New Mexico. The rule, proposed last year, outraged Americans, with approximately 1.8 million comments submitted by the public opposing delisting.

Rewilding Britain! Beavers have built a dam on Exmoor for the first time in more than 400 years

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