The Director – Abbie Woodbridge

“Abbie is a master storyteller – visually and verbally”

– Suzanne Asha Stone

Abbie is a filmmaker, a lecturer, a presenter and passionate animal rights advocate. She is studying an MSc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation at Edinburgh Napier University focusing on wolves and the further development of her interest in rewilding. Abbie’s intention is to pursue a career in wolf conservation and rewilding, conducting primary research and making documentaries to assist her fieldwork. As a passionate animal rights advocate, she has been involved in many animal rights projects and events and outreach work. Abbie’s love of animals has led her to where she is today spending her youth living by the sea studying cetaceans and grabbed any time she could with animals, particularly dogs.

As a lecturer, Abbie understands the importance of education and learning about wildlife and the environment. She believes the biggest problem we face today is apathy and that the core of this is a lack of education. In order to want to change something, you have to be passionate about it. So her two tools to change the world are filmmaking and education.

Abbie released a film in Jan 2021 titled ‘Wolves Unmasked’ which has reached 120k views on her popular YouTube channel Animal Educate. She had the privilege of interviewing Jane Goodall, Chris Packham, and Dave Mech with further insights from Doug Smith, Shaun Ellis, Scott Frasier, Anneka Svenska, Derek Gow, and many more. All answer the question, can wolves return to the UK while exploring the current state of rewilding. The film follows Abbie’s journey of discovery unmasking the true nature of the wolf that lies behind the history, mythologies, stories, lies, and villainization of wolves and the critical role they play in recovering the environment.

She has also enjoyed lecturing at South Devon College teaching photography, film, and creative media for over five years. She teaches GCSE and A-level as well as other courses. She is also a registered school speaker for Animal Aid. Being a qualified teacher has enabled her to acquire the necessary skills to address a broad audience and strengthen her communication skills.

Studying an MSc in wildlife biology and conservation is giving her the skill set to conduct scientific research into wildlife biology and behavior, rewilding, and conservation issues. She has a BA (Hons) in Media and Creative Writing, a diploma in education and teaching, as well as QTLS. She also has a diploma in wolf studies, animal care, and marine biology. Her area of study has previously focused on human-wildlife conflict, which she intends to continue.

Making films, video, animals, and education are at the heart of Abbie’s mission and this comes together on her successful YouTube channel: ‘Animal Educate’, where she creates short, entertaining videos on animal topics that aim to educate the public on matters such as rewilding.

Lupine Media

Abbie is the founder of Lupine Media, a limited company specializing in wildlife conservation, exploring resolutions to wildlife issues taking a dynamic and diverse approach. Her vision for the company focuses on the belief that optimal and effective filmmaking is a collaborative, creative, and balanced endeavor. Our films
influence positive change in society, as well as the attitudes and actions of individuals; they can change lifestyles and mindsets.

Through studying film theory the crew at Lupine Media understands the importance of creative filmmaking within documentaries. You have to consider the elements within a film that make it so powerful. Documentaries give us spoken information aided by visuals and for most of us, this allows for better absorption of that information. They display a collection of different sources of opinions and facts, which are often from leading experts in that field or celebrities. These well-known figures have substantial power to influence people and make them take notice of the topic that is being discussed.

Lupine Media believes documentaries are paramount for education as they use a form of storytelling that pieces together a puzzle. People love stories and this allows them to engage and connect emotionally with the information that is being presented. Films also have the power of exposure which allows the viewer to be more receptive to information and topics that they may not have been aware of before.

The crew consists of a small group of dedicated and passionate individuals all offering a specialsed skillset to the team!

Meet the Crew

Abbie Woodbridge

Director, producer, researcher, camera operator, and editor.

David Stewart

Co-Director, camera operator, and editor.

Nicole Tucker


Stewart Fitzimmons

Camera operator

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