‘Hoyle Haven – A Rewilding Tale’ New Film Release!

Hoyle Haven – A rewilding tale.

The documentary demonstrates how a local community rewilded a public space. It features the village of Stoke Gabriel’s efforts to rewild a local woodland containing a limestone quarry, kilns, a copse, and wildflower meadow that was bequeathed by a local resident in their will to the parish council. Phil Bolt project leader gave birth to the idea of the wildlife haven and collaborated with organisations such as Devon Wildlife Trust who have provided masses of support. Amongst the teams considerable and ambitious aims, was to create a wildlife haven and roost that will attract amongst other animals, the Greater Horseshoe Bat, in hopes of contributing to restoring their numbers and completing a corridor from Dartmoor to the sea at Berry head in Brixham. The success of the project has included some unintended outcomes such as the successful release of a group of rehabilitated hedgehogs!

Rewilding is a hot topic and a fast-growing movement. It allows natural processes to repair ecosystems land and sea. So many of us are beginning to connect with nature and are craving wild spaces. The good news is there is so much you as an individual can do! Rewilding small spaces in Britain is the way forward. We can tackle the climate crisis and address mental health, poor food quality, animal welfare, and many more issues by rewilding.

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