Sea Turtle Facts & how to save them

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Scientists recognise seven species of Sea turtle:

Hawksbill Loggerhead, Leatherback, Olive ridley, Green, Flatback and the Kemp’s ridley.

Turtles seem slow on land like their tortoise cousins but in the sea, leatherback turtles can have an impressive swimming speed of 35km per hour. Marine turtles’ amazing ability to navigate comes from their sensitivity to the Earth’s magnetic fields! They travel thousands of miles across oceans to feed and breed. They have an in-built navigation system.

The disappearance of sea turtles and other keystone species from our oceans would disrupt the balance of marine ecosystems. Sea turtles find themselves on the top of the food chain of most marine ecosystems and many other species depend on them. Six of the seven sea turtles are threatened with extinction……Sea turtle population estimates are based on the number of egg-laying females as we can’t be sure of the numbers of elusive sea-dwelling males, or females that aren’t breeding.

Watch the video for more sea turtle facts.

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