Idaho’s Wolf Slaughter! HELP ME

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As part of its rollback of environmental regulations, the Trump administration removed the grey wolf from the endangered species list in 2020. New legislation signed just days ago by Governor Brad little means that professional hunters are now able to slaughter 90% of Idaho’s wolves. This means snowmobiles, helicopters, ATVs snares, there’s going to be immense suffering. Why? it’s the same story being told over and over again, to protect animals that are bred for food. Just to put this into perspective, losses are minimal, less than 1% cattle and less than 3% sheep.

Wolves are keystone species and this means they play a fundamental role in maintaining an ecosystem. They manage the populations of other species when a species becomes overpopulated. The ecosystem is not stable, it means things are completely out of balance. This has a knock-on effect, and it impacts everything.

The wolf isn’t any more important than any other wildlife, and vice versa but the wolf is a symbol, and the wolf represents wilderness and something within ourselves. If we can tolerate an animal like the wolf, a predatory animal, it means that we’re starting to change. It means that we’re progressing in this world. We need to learn to coexist with these animals.

I can’t bear to think about their suffering, and what’s going to happen to them. The more people that come together, the sooner this will end. Your name is a voice of voice that counts a voice that says no, you are against this. I will be eternally grateful if you could sign the petition and share this video all the petition on any social media platform you have talked to as many people as you can about this. educate people get as many people on board as possible. Let’s move into a better space, a positive one, a progressive one, a compassionate one.

Thank you.

Excuse my mucky makeup! I was having a cry before the video (that’s what prompted the video…).

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