Help me with my research for new film rewilding britain!

Link to questionnaire:

Hey Guys,

So this is a really quick video. I’m actually asking for a big favour! won’t take too long, just a couple of minutes. In the description, you’ll find a link, which will link you to a very short questionnaire about rewilding.

So I’ve started research and planning my next film. And you’ve guessed it. It’s all about rewilding Britain. My last film wolves unmasked, which I’ll also link in the description covered it, but not to the extent that I wanted to. So I’ve already got people on board and I’m really excited. The questionnaire, as I said, is really short and it’s just me trying to get an idea of what you as an individual, and the public collectively understand about rewilding.

Because of COVID I can’t really do much at the moment other than the research so I’m in the planning stages, but come mid-spring, then I should be able to start shooting links in the description.

Thank you!

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