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Wolves Unmasked is a documentary film about the current state of rewilding in Britain and my journey of discovery unmasking the true nature of the wolf that lies behind the history, mythologies, stories, lies and villianization of wolves and the critical role they play in recovering the environment.

That recovery is rewilding and wolves are its heart and soul acting to re-balance activities that exploit and deplete the earths natural resources, removing what is not useful or profitable and unbalancing ecosystems resulting in increasing global climate shifts that make our planet less habitable.

Insights from Jane Goodall, Chris Packham, Doug Smith, Dave Mech, Chris Packham, Shaun Ellis, Scott Frazer, Anneka Svenska, Tsa Palmer, George Hyde, Marco Adda, Julia Huffman, Leo Linnartz, Paul Lister and Derek Gow answer the question, can wolves return to the UK? And are they vicious killers waiting to ravage you and your family that we have all been led to believe? 

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