Gray Wolf Loses Federal Protections in the Lower 48 States

Gray wolf stripped of federal protections 2020

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The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service finalized a rule removing protections for all gray wolves in the lower-48 states except for a small population of Mexican wolves in Arizona and New Mexico.

The rule, proposed last year, outraged Americans, with approximately 1.8 million comments submitted by the public opposing delisting. Additionally, 86 members of Congress (in both the House and Senate), 100 scientists, 230 businesses, and 367 veterinary professionals submitted letters opposing the wolf delisting plan. Even the scientific peer reviews commissioned by the Fish and Wildlife Service itself found that the agency’s proposal contained numerous errors with inadequate scientific support.

Despite this public and scientific outcry, the rule issued on October 29th removes all federal protections from gray wolves. Protecting and restoring the iconic call of the wolf is our duty to the wolf. Removing protections for wolves under the Endangered Species Act ensures that they will continue to struggle for their rightful place in the natural world.

The Trump administration is catering to trophy hunters, the livestock industry and other special interests that want to kill wolves. Delisting this American icon appeases a small percentage of the American public and will surely damage the viability of future populations. There is no biologically sound reason to lessen or remove protections for wolves.

Where wolves are unprotected, they are mercilessly persecuted, as we’ve already had a glimpse of in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Idaho in particular serves as a horrific example, where 60% of the state’s wolf population, including dozens of pups, were exterminated in a single year, destroying decades of wolf recovery efforts. Now they are defenseless across their range.

You cannot have a national wolf recovery without putting forward a national wolf recovery plan. If we want to save wolves, we need a national plan. This still has not happened, so eliminating federal protections for gray wolves is a huge setback in recovery efforts.

Removing protections for gray wolves amid a global extinction crisis is short-sighted and dangerous to America’s conservation legacy.

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