Beavers are allowed to stay in Devon!

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Beavers were driven to extinction in the UK more than four centuries ago as they were hunted for their meat, fur and castoreum – this is a secretion used in medicine and perfumes. In 2013, a family of beavers were found to be living on the River Otter in East Devon. Where the beavers came from is still a mystery.

In 2014 the Devon Wildlife Trust and a partnership including the University of Exeter, Clinton Devon Estates and the Derek Gow Consultancy, secured a license which would allow the beavers to be studied over a five-year period.

The decision has been announced by Defra that England’s first wild breeding population of beavers for 400 years has been given the permanent right to remain in their East Devon river home. It means that the beaver population, which lives on the River Otter and is estimated to consist of up to 15 family groups, now has a secure future.

The announcement follows the successful completion of a five-year trial overseeing the beavers and their impacts. Their population has grown steadily in this time, and they have successfully colonised nearly all of the river’s catchment. During this time local people’s awareness and appreciation of them has also grown.

Beavers are ecosystem engineers, meaning they can create, modify and maintain an ecosystem. Their benefits will be felt by wildlife and people. Wildlife such as fish, insects, birds and endangered mammals such as water voles has benefitted from the beavers’ presence because of the ways in which beavers enhance wetland habitats.

The beavers’ dam building activities has helped reduce the risk of flooding. They have improved water-quality, with their dams acting as filters which trap soil and other pollutants from surrounding farmland. Our rivers and wetlands need beavers, they play such an important role – this is brilliant news…. And another step to restoring the environment and important during the climate emergency we are facing. It’s now vital that decisions are made on the national status of beavers that allows them to be reintroduced into other river systems in England.

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