What has Lupine Media been up to?

Right lets just say I haven’t stopped in recent months and It’s been strange to say the least. Its been devastating to face the challenges Covid 19 has presented us with and my heart goes out to all those that have suffered.

As most of you know I’ve started a YouTube channel – Animal Educate. Some of you have asked why I didn’t just merge everything under Lupine Media which has prompted me to firstly explain and secondly to blog regularly so you can keep up to date with my progress.

Lupine Media is a film production company specialising in wildlife and environmental conservation. You can view Lupine Media as the umbrella of everything I do. I have many plans for Lupine and once Wolves Unmasked has been released things will start moving forward! let’s just say I have lots of projects in the pipeline which I am looking forward to get started on.

Animal Educate is exactly what it states on the tin! I aim to deliver animal education ensuring high quality content with proactive and positive call to actions. The channel is separated into three areas:

Educational videos about individual species/families etc
Animal Radar (animal news stories)
Animal topics (how to’s, conservation etc

Interviews – I interview leading thinkers, practitioners, scientists, conservationists and activists.

I hope this makes sense.

Thank you for following my work and helping me to help animals. it means so much to me.

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